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When we set out to create the world’s most responsible salmon fishery, our goal wasn't just to reduce the typical problems that come with farming fish – our mission was to go one better. 

Our mission from day one was to create a sustainable fishery that discharges absolutely zero effluent back into the environment. Along the way, we just happened to raise the world's finest Atlantic salmon. 

Growing from nothing to absolutely zero.

Our idea of a responsible fishery that helps protect ocean ecosystems began in the UK some 20 years ago. It's taken more than 20 years – and countless hours of research and development – but our unique land-based saltwater RAS system is now fully operational and ready to scale, as we work towards meeting the global demand for sustainably raised salmon. In 2021, we will increase production capacity from our state of the art facility on the beautiful East Coast of Canada to 1,000 metric tonnes per annum.


Technology development begins in the UK


 Project relocation to Nova Scotia


First pilot plant opens in Centre Burlington with a focus on niche, European species


Construction of freshwater hatchery as we switch focus to Atlantic Salmon


Construction of 2nd generation saltwater growout pilot plant


Construction of expanded saltwater grow out production facility


Targeted completion of additional saltwater grow out facility raising capacity to 1,000 metric tonnes per annum

Meet the Sustainable Blue team.

Managing an entire ecosystem is a demanding job! Our incredible team of scientists, system specialists and fisherwomen and men are on site around the clock to ensure our fish are healthy and happy 24/7.

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